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Our skills were formed during many years of film-making  in the production company of Patrick Sandrin – SOFILM . He was the first foreign producer who started working in Bulgaria  and created one of the most ancient Bulgarian production companies. After his departure in 2012, we decided to continue on "this Bulgarian production track" by founding the company "SOFIA FILM PRODUCTIONS".

Over the years we have built a climate of trust and friendship, excellence in work.

Our foreign counterparties receive a complex and detailed response to all their needs, transparency and professionalism. 

We have built effective Bulgarian teams of competent specialists who see us as a preferred and reliable partner and employer.

The effort and the love of many people united in our aim to tell interesting stories! We will be happy to be together in your story!


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8, Geneva str.

E: info@sofiafilmproductions.com
T: +359 2 963 23 10

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